Plane Crash in Pakistan

Did anyone hear about the plane crash in Pakistan the other day. I guess the pilot had to circle the runway and due to fog he crashed into the side of a mountain, and all passengers were killed. I think there were about 150 or so people on board. What a shame.

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twin sized bed mosquito netting

I went on a camping trip this weekend and I met someone near our campsite who was telling us about a mosquito netting that fit over a twin size bed, but it was a full cot size, insted of a net that hangs. It was really neat, because you can use the mosquito netting as a tent on the ground and put a sleeping bag in it, or you can fit it over a twin size bed if you are traveling by means of hotel and not camping. It seemed really quick and easy to set up also.

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motorcycle gaiters

I’ve been using my gaiters for when I ride my motorcycle lately because the last week or two we’ve been getting such terrible weather. In the winter they come in handy too, because it’s basically just a waterproof layer over your shins. IĀ got mine from an online outdoor site called greatoutdoorsdepot, but you can find them at most outdoor stores.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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